Loading Bay and Docking

We offer a complete range of cost effective loading bay products, whether its dock levellers, fast action doors or dock shelters, wheel guides or seals – we’re here to make it happen!

Loading Bay Doors – usually fitted as insulated sectional doors or in the more economical option of roller shutter doors we can supply either with automatic operators designed to make life easier in your loading bays. Depending on the types of vehicles, load requirements and location we can help design the right equipment for your operational needs.

Dock Shelters – Designed to provide a secure seal between a vehicle and your loading bay dock shelters. Can be supplied in three main variants;

Dock Pads – A fabric based solution where fabric covered foam pads provide the surface for a vehicle to reverse on to which in turn causes the pad to compress and as a result provides a good seal.

Inflatable – By positioning air bags at the top and the sides of the loading bay, vehicles can be reversed in to the opening and once stationary the air bags are inflated to provide a seal.

Collapsible – If you are dealing with a wide variety of different vehicle types then collapsible shelters may well be a preferred option, fitted to a hinged frame fabric sheets are designed in a way to offer a greater level of flexibility for your operational needs.

Dock Levellers – Two main variants of leveller are available, both primarily providing the same job which is to allow for a stable, level platform between a vehicle and your loading bay. Swing lip levellers and telescopic levellers both provide a stable, level platform…but the telescopic option delivers a greater level of flexibility. We can also provide a full survey service ensuring your loading bay is a safe and efficient place of work.




Download PDF: Hormann Loading Technology Brochure