From Roller Shutters to Overhead Doors, Celsius Doors offer an extensive range of Industrial products. Our spectrum encompasses everything from window grilles right through to doors designed and fitted for a food production environment.

Rolling Shutters

Manual, Electric, Standard, Galvanised, Insulated, Aluminium and Hormann

Rolling Grilles

Manual, Electric, Aluminium, Nylon, Tube and Link

Sectional Overhead

Manual, Electric, Insulated, Glazed and Hormann

High Speed

Fabric, Insulated, Freezer, Spiral, Hormann and Efaflex

Steel Hinged

Fire Escape, Security and Profiled

Fire Door

Roller Shutter and Steel Hinged

Smoke Curtains

Electric Fabric Roller

Loading Bay and Docking

Shelters, Pads, Dock Bumpers, Levellers, Doors, Wheel Clamps and Guides


Manual, Electric, Hanger Doors and Moreschi


Manual, Electric, Insulated, Glazed, Aluminium, Composite, Hanger Doors and Moreschi

Chill and Freezer Doors

Manual, Electric, Insulated, Sliding and High Speed Roller

automatic electric gates

Automatic Electric Gates

Hydraulic, Electro-mechanical, Sliding, Swing, CAME, FAAC and BFT

Traffic Barrier

Hydraulic, Electro-mechanical, CAME, FAAC and BFT

Parking and Traffic Manage

Ticketing RAM Posts, Bollards, CAME, FAAC and BFT